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YLT-Use Your Words

Draw a picture of a problem you have had – it could be a fight with someone, forgetting your cleats for soccer, or not knowing what to plan for your next adventure. Use words to describe how you felt.

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  • What materials do you need for this adventure?  
  • How long will you take to draw your pictures?  
  • What conflict will you share? 


  • Draw a picture of a problem that you have had.  
  • Share your picture with your Lodge or team. Tell the others about what happened. 
  • When others share their pictures, share how you feel about the problems that they have drawn.  
  • You can use post-it notes to write down how you felt, or the other feelings that people had about your drawing. Attach these post-its to the drawings. 


  • What do you know now that you did not know before?  
  • What new words did you learn from the other Beavers? 
  • How did the other Beavers feel about your conflict? What words did they use?  
  • Why is it important to have words for our feelings?  
  • What other words for feelings can you think of that did not come up? 

Keep it Simple

How do you feel when you get into a disagreement with someone? Practice using your words to describe your feelings!

Take it Further

Learn about the five steps to conflict resolution (1. Calm down, 2. Talk about the situation, 3. Think of some ways to fix the problem (solutions), 4. Agree to a solution, 5. Put the solution into action). Create posters with the steps of conflict resolution and put them up around your meeting area as a reminder for everyone! Try Rock, Paper, Conflict.