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Volunteer Recruitment

Each year, our Volunteers and Scouters collectively donate over two million hours of their time to ensure that youth across Canada have access to great, safe Scouting experiences.

It is due to our Scouters’ commitment and passion for the program that youth have experienced countless Scouting firsts, developing into confident and capable individuals. Thanks to our Scouters, youth across Canada have the opportunity to grow, challenge themselves and experience incredible adventures that they will only find at Scouts.

While parents have traditionally been the greatest source of Volunteers and Scouters, other members of the public are also a natural fit for volunteering, like students looking for an internship, recent grads seeking career experience or more.

Explore our resources to support Volunteer recruitment. Many Groups distribute these electronically, but you can also email the Help Centre for printed copies. In your email, indicate the recruitment piece(s) that you would like by name, the quantity, and provide your email, shipping address and phone number. Please limit quantities of each item to 50 or less.

Volunteer Recruitment Brochure

Get Answers

There’s always something to learn in Scouting, but don’t worry, we’re here to help! Whether a new recruit or seasoned Scouter, find support for your questions about Volunteer requirements, training, program and learning opportunities.

Answers are quickly available at the online Support Centre.

Parent Engagement Resources

Parents that are involved in their child’s Scouting program tend to have a better understanding of how we deliver on our Mission, have a greater likelihood of becoming Volunteers or Scouters, and tend to keep their children in Scouting year after year.

The easiest way to make this happen is to get them engaged. A team of Scouters have created Parent Engagement resources to help you get parents more involved in your Scouting adventures.

Tooltip: The Scouts Canada Mission is to help develop well rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.

  • Resources for Scouters
  • Resources for Parents