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Head Safe Program

Play Safe. Live Safe. Safe Ontario

Safety awareness and prevention are not limited to the playing field or workplace—safe living begins at home. As safety leaders in Canada, Hydro One and Scouts Canada have teamed up to extend their culture of safety, healthy activity and vibrant family life to communities across the country with our new Head Safe program.

Launching in the fall of 2019, the Head Safe program will provide Ontario communities with training and educational materials aimed at preventing head injury, with engaging digital resources also available for Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Through the program, youth will learn head injury first aid, role play on how to respond to real-life scenarios, and gain understanding of key preventative measures and the necessary steps toward recovery before a safe return to play. Free Head Safe Training events will also be offered in 5 communities across Ontario, with the program providing additional access to educational resources to over 25,000 Ontario households.

Through safe play and safe living, let’s build stronger communities together. Make it a #HeadSafe summer.

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