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Safety Week

When Scouters center youth and start with “Yes! ... and” trusting them to make responsible choices, they are empowering youth to meet their potential. In Scouts, we believe youth are capable of anything.

Safety Week is about centering the youth’s perspective on achieving awesome adventures with the safety of all in mind.


Submitting Incident reports will get you in trouble


The culture of safety within Scouts Canada is supported by data (those handy incident reports) which are reported after an incident or near miss. Submitting incident reports won't get you in trouble — you'll be helping strengthen the culture of safety! 

The goal of Safety Week will be to highlight some trends from previous years and provide some guidance, tips, best practices, and activities to engage youth to be involved in the planning for the upcoming seasons’ adventures. Afterall, no Adventure is fun if someone gets hurt. 

Winter Safety Week — December 5-9th 2022 : Don't 'Flurry' be Happy.

It’s time to let kids be kids again, safely. Let’s celebrate the change in season, and a new program cycle this winter with a week focused on colder weather, tips, and real stories from real members with a special lens focused on safety.

In Scouts, kids develop a wealth of character-building experiences that entertain, develop confidence, and nurture leadership skills for their tomorrows. Scouters also develop their skills through Scouting; with the change in season, now is a great time to focus on winter adventures and how we can predict and prepare to enjoy the great outdoors.


Ask the Experts Meet and Greet:

December 8th, 08:00pm EST 

Let’s help our youth lead the exercise and help them be better prepared both within and outside of Scouting by teaching them how to find hazards and risks that are all around us and eliminate them or plan to avoid them before an incident could happen. 



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Introduce Youth to a NEW Activities in your Regular Meeting

Safety Planning in Action

Watch 2nd Russell integrate youth risk identification right into their section meetings.  An effective Emergency Response Plan can be a great youth-led way to plan engaging Adventures.


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