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Sasquatch Seekers

In the deepest darkest Canadian wilderness lives an elusive creature known as the Sasquatch! Some people think that it is a mythical creature and others believe that it is real! Some hikers and campers have spotted clues from the creature; fur hanging from trees and bushes, footprints in the mud, half eaten fruit, berries and meat, and shadows in the twilight.

Sasquatch Seekers

Welcome to the 2024 National Program Challenge: Sasquatch Seekers, an exciting adventure for Scouts across Canada.

Embark on a journey of investigation and discovery into the heart of the deepest and darkest Canadian wilderness, where an elusive creature, the Sasquatch, may wait.

Is it a mythical legend or a real living being? As this four-week mystery unfolds, it's up to you and your fellow Scouts to uncover the truth.

As you delve into the wilderness, keep your eyes peeled for clues left behind by this mysterious creature. Some have reported finding fur hanging from trees and bushes, unexplainable footprints embedded in the snow, and remnants of half-eaten meals scattered throughout the landscape. The air is thick with anticipation as shadows dance in the twilight, leaving you wondering if you're alone in the wilderness.

The Sasquatch Seekers Challenge tests your scouting skills, teamwork, and resourcefulness as you navigate 4 weeks of challenges.

Are you up for the mystery? Gather your fellow Scouts, embrace the spirit of adventure, and become like Les Stroud, a Sasquatch Seeker in our quest for the legendary creature.

Each week, Les will post a new video introducing the next challenge. Get ready to explore, discover, and unravel the mysteries that lie within the Sasquatch Seekers National Program Challenge.

Your journey begins the week of February 26th, 2024.

Scouters: Be Prepared

Download the Scouter’s Guide to help you bring this new adventure to life.

 Scouters Guide

Sasquatch Soundscape
Listen to the Sasquatch Soundscape
Answer: Snow Owl, Starlings, Polar Bear, Rabbit, Moose, Racoons, Mouse
Journaling Your Adventures!

Journaling is like keeping a special book where you write about your thoughts, stories of your adventures, feelings, and things that happen to you. It’s a bit like having a secret friend you can share anything with, and it can be lots of fun!

When starting with the journals, have the youth use the template pages to journal about some of their favourite Scouting events or camps. Take group photos of their Lodges, Lairs and Patrols, print the photos and add them to the journal.

Before the first week of the Sasquatch Seekers challenge, have the youth create their own unique cover to personalize their journal.

 Journal Template