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Stronger Foundations for the Future

Digital Transformation

Our digital tools are of poor quality, fragile and pose a significant risk.

By 2025 we will:

Stabilize our Customer Relationship Management System, MyScouts.

Create the leadership and capacity to transform our digital estate so that it improves outcomes for young people, makes volunteering easier, and puts data and insights at the forefront of our decision making – informing the next strategic plan.


Scouting thrives when our people are at their best. When adult volunteers collaborate rather than clash. When there is no lack of talent for important volunteer roles. When our staff are valued, developed and recognized. 

By 2025 we will:

Pilot ways to help youth from diverse backgrounds take on leadership roles at the local and national level.

Understand how to reduce adult volunteer disputes; living up to our values as much as we expect our young people to.

Improve how we support, develop and recognize our staff.


Post-Covid, we are still spending more than we bring in.

By 2025 we will:

Reach a break even national budget by 2027, whilst increasing support for local Scouting.

Increase membership fees in way that is transparent, fair and sustainable.

Reduce the deficit in our property portfolio from $2M (2021) to $825K.

Agree an approach to reducing our long term reliance on membership fees whilst also increasing the proportion of revenue that is returned to local Scouting — informing the next strategic plan..


If we are going to grow, then we need to know what Canadians really think about us. How families and decision makers think we look, act and talk really matters — and we need to know what perceptions help or hinder us from growing in the future. 

By 2025 we will:

Measure what the public think about us, understand how that changes over time, and openly share findings with young people and volunteer.

Agree what changes this does or doesn’t mean for the way Scouting looks, feels, acts and sounds to the outside world — informing the next strategic plan.