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Confident Me

Become a body confidence champion! Run your own self-esteem workshop to cultivate body positivity by challenging gender norms and beauty stereotypes. Using this resource from Plan Canada:

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  • What is body confidence? 
  • What is an appearance ideal? 
  • What is appearance pressure? 
  • Where do appearance pressures come from? 


  • First, download the “Confident Me’ workshop slides by clicking the download button under "Confident Me - Single Session Workshop. Youth will watch the video on Slide 8 together and then discuss the meaning behind the video. 
  • Next, youth will apply what they learned from Slide 8 into practice on Slide 9. The youth will reflect on the sample advertisement to dig deeper into the meaning behind it.  
  • Lastly, youth will choose one scenario on Slide 11 and go through it together.   
  • For an enhanced experience, Scouters can book a 1h virtual “Confident Me” workshop with Plan International Canada.  


  • What did today’s activities help you learn about yourself? 
  • How can you practice self-empowerment and self-love daily? 
  • What can you do to be a body confidence champion at your school, family, etc.? 
  • How can you celebrate differences to create more positive and inclusive spaces for others? 
  • Remember to add your activity to the Take Action Map. 


Internet, laptop or tablet.  

Keep it Simple

Try the Positivity Tree Activity 

Take it Further

Can you also find additional examples of media (i.e. social media, print ads, movies, television commercials) and challenge themselves to reflect on what message they send out and how it can have a positive or negative impact on youth?