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Musical Bears

As climate change causes the Earth to get hotter, we lose sea ice. Unfortunately, polar bears rely on sea ice to hunt effectively. Play a game of musical chairs to learn how climate change affects polar bears.

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  • What is sea ice?
  • Why do polar bears need sea ice to hunt?
  • How will we play the music? Who will control when the music stops and starts?


  • Polar bears need sea ice to hunt seals. When they hunt from land they are not able to hunt as well and struggle to get enough food. Due to climate change there is less sea ice each year!
  • In this game we will be polar bears and the chairs will represent the sea ice we need to hunt.
  • While the music plays, move in a circle around the chairs.
  • When the music stops sit down on a chair. Whoever is still standing will be out.
  • Each round one chair will be taken out!



  • Fun music!
  • One chair per youth

Keep it Simple

  • Another option is to start with a large tarp or blanket. Fold the blanket so that it gets smaller each round. After each round, it will be harder for the youth to fit on the blanket.

Take it Further

  • Many other animals are affected by climate change. Do some research to find out which animals are affected by the loss of sea ice and what we can do to help them.