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Snow Ice Cream

Make a tasty winter treat as you turn snow into ice cream!

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  • What supplies do you need for this activity? 
  • How is ice cream made? 
  • How will you flavour your snow ice cream? 
  • How will you stay safe in this activity?  


  • Start by collecting clean snow – ideally, put a bowl outside and collect snow as it falls. 
  • Add sugar and vanilla to taste and then add milk until the snow has a smooth consistency that you can eat. 
  • Serve into bowls and give people a chance to add other flavours! Add fruit, jam or chocolate chips to add a bit of flavour. 


  • How did adding the milk change the consistency of the snow? 
  • What flavours did you add to your ice cream? How did it taste? 
  • What flavours would you add if you made this again?  


  • Big bowl to collect snow 
  • Smaller bowls for each person 
  • Spoon per person (not metal) 
  • Freshly fallen snow 
  • White sugar 
  • Vanilla extract 
  • Milk 
  • Other flavouring items – fruit, jam, chocolate sauce, etc.  

Keep it Simple

  • Try making popsicles and letting them freeze outside if you cannot get clean snow for your ice cream.  

Take it Further

  • Experiment by adding different amounts of sugar and milk – how does it change your ice cream?