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Wily Woods
Traverse the forest. Find the Map. Begin your Quest.

Rely on each other and journey well—the woods are alive!

The Dragon has already begun to wreak havoc on all the lands. You must find the Cosmo Crest, so you can use it to lull the Dragon back to sleep before it can cause more damage!

Before you can embark on your Quest, you need to know where your journey will be taking you.

The Challenge

To find the Cosmo Crest and defeat the Dragon, you first need to locate the map to find it, hidden in the Wily Woods.


To reach the map, you’ll have to work as a team to face the obstacles—the woods are alive!

Meeting Length: 20 mins

Wily Woods
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Beavers and Cubs

Unlock one of the Forces of Nature to surmount this week’s challenge in the Wily Woods!


Obstacle Course: How will you move through the forest and avoid the clawing tree branches in a way that is creative, helping you reach the map without a scratch? Use fire to light your way through the darkness! Note: Flashlights, headlamps, glowsticks and other items can be used to represent fire.


Floor is Lava: Map your route through the Wily Woods and stay low to the ground — but watch out for the goop geysers! These explosive pits can cover you in slime within seconds. Take turns burying them with earth as you pass through the Wily Woods, covering the geysers to ensure safe passage to retrieve the map.


Amazing Bridges: Design a contraption (hot air balloon/sail/parachute,etc) and harness the wind to make your way over the Wily Woods to reach the map.


Build a Dam to redirect water and flood the goop geysers. Once the water drains in them and fills their slime pits, you can walk through the Wily Woods to retrieve the map without a problem!

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Scouts, Venturers and Rovers

Roll a die to unlock one of the Forces of Nature and surmount this week’s challenge in the Wily Woods!


Tarp Flip: Streams of lava run through the Wily Woods, but you’re prepared with a tarp! Good thing you paid extra for the lava-proof model, eh? As a team, stand on the tarp—but if you leave it too long it will start to melt. Flip it over frequently to keep it from melting. Using this tarp and shifting positions, make your way through the Wily Woods to retrieve the map, all while keeping your team safe!


Team Survival: You thought you could navigate the Wily Woods but hit too many snags. You’re stranded and realize you left your supplies at the forest entrance! Unlocking the power of Wind, you manage to harness a whirlwind to drop the pile of supplies in the forest—but you must work quickly to collect them before natural winds blow them away! What items will you pick to help you survive and retrieve the map?


Pitch Camp Race/Bear Bagging: You still haven’t found the map, and a storm is brewing. You need to get your camp ready to spend a night in the Wily Woods. Run a pitch camp race to beat the acid rain to your site or practice bear bagging to keep your food dry and away from any of the woods’ critters. You’ll be able to retrieve the map once the weather blows over!


Marshmallow Challenge: Why pass through the Wily Woods when you can go over them and avoid all the trouble? Build a bridge with what you have in your backpack (spaghetti, tape and marshmallows) to pass over the area!

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