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Concussion Simulation

Using gloves, ear plugs and goggles, you will get some idea of what it feels like to have a concussion.

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  • What props will you need for this activity?
  • How will you make goggles that distort what you see?
  • Where is a safe place to do these different activities?
  • What tasks will you try?


  • A concussion is a serious injury that can affect you for a long time. If you have a concussion, you will need to make changes to how you do things, even small tasks.
  • Try some tasks that you normally find easy, like opening jars or walking in a straight line.
  • How would it feel to do these things with a concussion?


  • How did your simulated concussion make it more difficult to do everyday tasks?
  • How did others help you with your tasks? What did it feel like to need help?
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  • Concussion Goggles: you can make your own using safety goggles! Use packing tape to make your vision blurry, or use masking tape strips across the lenses to confuse your eyes.
  • Thick gloves (garden gloves, hockey gloves, etc.)
  • Noise-cancelling headphones or ear protectors
  • Tasks to try
    • Drawing a picture
    • Stacking cups
    • Walking in a straight line (use gym lines or mark lines on the floor using tape)
    • Tying your shoes

Keep it Simple

  • Try only using one part of the concussion simulator per task (ear plugs, goggles or gloves, rather than more than one).

Take it Further

  • Try to have a few people working on the same task with different modifications or try doing harder tasks (e.g. threading a needle, tying a knot or reading a book aloud).