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The Woggle — Fall 2019

The Woggle — Scouter Essentials Made Easy
the Woggle: Scouter Essentials Made Easy
The Fall Edition of The Woggle
Welcome Back to The Woggle.
The Scouting Year is off to a great start. Many Sections have already shared some amazing fall adventures, and there are plenty more fun and exciting ways to get out and enjoy the season before the snow sticks around.
As always, this edition of The Woggle is full of fun ideas for your weekly meetings and weekend outings—and some good news about how we’re working to make even more great, safe outdoor adventures possible!
(For even more adventure ideas, you can check out the last edition of The Woggle here.)
New Adventure Standards
Making it Easier to Put the ‘Out’ in Scouting — New Adventure Standards
It’s never been easier to for Scouting Groups to discover the great outdoors! After extensive consultation with Scouters, Scouts Canada is excited to introduce our new Adventure Standards. With a straightforward approach to managing risk, our new Standards make it simpler for Scouting youth of all ages to share great, safe outdoor adventures.

What’s changed?
  • The risk categories for adventures have been reviewed and updated, with a focus on reducing paperwork. We’ve made it a breeze for youth, Scouters and parents to find out which risk category applies to a given adventure by providing plenty of helpful examples. Quite simply, the less risk, the less paperwork is required.
  • Group Commissioners are empowered to help Sections with risk assessment and adventure planning. They can place additional requirements on adventures when necessary to ensure everyone—from participants to parents—feels confident about the preparations for the adventure. The new Standards are more flexible to better apply to all kinds of adventures.
  • The responsibilities of the Scouter in Charge have been clarified, so that nothing gets missed between the Scouter in Charge and the Group Commissioner.
  • On a related note, the Third Party Waivers, Indemnification and Hold Harmless Agreements Procedure has been updated. Parents are now able to sign third-party waivers on behalf of themselves and their youth, meaning there are all kinds of exciting adventures Scouts can share that they couldn’t before.
We have also introduced a new Adventure Application Form, which replaces the Camping and Outdoor Activity Application. The form aligns with the new Adventure Standards and The Canadian Path — there are no mixed messages. It includes helpful links to all the information needed to be fully prepared for your adventure—think of the form as a way for Group Commissioners and Scouters to ensure that the necessary precautions have been taken to stay safe.

And to make things even easier, the new Adventure Application Form has also been added to ScoutsTracker! You can now do even more to plan your next adventure using one convenient tool.

These changes will make planning adventures simpler so that more Scouting youth can enjoy fun and enriching experiences in nature, while making lifelong memories with friends.
Scouts for Sustainability
Scouts for Sustainability
Discover our new Scouts for Sustainability pilot program that integrates the Sustainable Development Goals with The Canadian Path.

Scouts Canada is excited to announce the Fall 2019 pilot launch of our new Scouts for Sustainability program. While Scouting youth are already known for leading environmental and social causes to benefit the world around them, Scouts Canada’s new Scouts for Sustainability program is taking our impact to the next level by aligning our existing Canadian Path program with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) movement.

Together, we can contribute to a more generous society, fairer communities and a healthier planet.
Volunteer Voice: How we use ScoutsTracker
Volunteer Voice: How We Use ScoutsTracker
Scouter Chuck Heron with 4th Orangeville has plenty of positive things to say about how ScoutsTracker makes life a little easier for all of the Scouters in his Group.
Quote Icon
The integration among the features makes ScoutsTracker powerful and helpful.
— Scouter Chuck Heron
New STEM Adventures
Success on the Path: New STEM Adventures
Scouts Canada’s STEM program has been offering Scouting youth fun and exciting adventure opportunities for over half a decade. Whether testing out individual STEM Trail Cards, tackling the collection of activities in a STEM Kit or checking out the STEM adventures offered at jamborees, there are many great ways that youth can make exploring science, technology, engineering and mathematics a part of their Scouting experience.

Even more great new STEM opportunities will be “rolling out” soon!
Camp Kitchen Hacks
Fall Season Icon
Seasonal Skills
Camp Kitchen Hacks
Getting out and connecting with nature is what camping is all about. For many, camping means “roughing it”—giving up some of the comforts of home as a trade-off for everything else camping has to offer. Of course, experienced campers find camping relatively comfortable. That’s partly a matter of mindset, but it’s also because they tend to pick up ways to make their whole camping experience easier and more enjoyable.
Great Campfire Songs, Skits and Cheers
Songs, skits and cheers can be a lot of fun. They also help youth develop self-confidence and a love for performing.
Terror-iffic Trail Cards
Check out these three new Trail Cards for Beavers, Cubs and Scouts for some fun ways for your Section to share a spook-tacular Halloween!
Vampire Tag
Beavers can get in the Halloween spirit with this fun version of tag!
Ghoul Relay Race
Cubs can celebrate Halloween with this themed relay race!
Pumpkin Carving
Scouts can work on their knife skills with this fun Halloween activity!
Scouts Remember
Scouts Remember: Scouts Canada’s World War One Remembrance Day Program
November 11 is Remembrance Day. Every year, Scouts across Canada take part in ceremonies to honour the Canadian soldiers who served and died to protect the freedom of Canadians and others.

For Remembrance Day, Scouts Canada has created four engaging Trail Cards to help Cubs and Scouts learn about the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers in the first World War.
Campfire Cooking
Campfire Cooking
Bacon and Eggs in a Paper Bag
For a fun over-the-campfire breakfast that’s light on dishes, try bacon and eggs in a paper bag. If a meal can be both easy and challenging at the same time, this is it!
Amory Adventure Award — Applications close soon
2019 Amory Adventure Award — Applications Close Soon
Has your Venturer Company shared an amazing outdoor adventure this year? Did your Venturers record their experience with an impressive adventure log? If so, your Company may have what it takes to win the 2019 Amory Adventure Award competition!

The Amory Adventure Award is presented annually to the Company that displays the most initiative in conceiving, planning and executing an outdoor adventure activity. Visit for more information and a full set of rules.

Deadline for submissions is October 31, 2019.

Encourage your Venturers to secure their place in Canadian Scouting history
Join our New Team of Communications Volunteers
Join our NEW team of Communications volunteers !
Do you want to celebrate local Groups by showcasing their stories? Are you excited to empower Group Commissioners with accessible and engaging information needed to run healthy Groups?

Our new Communications Functional Team is looking to recruit an all-star volunteer crew with professional experience or a knack for editorial, writing, web development, graphic design, translation and more.
Free Community Events — Learn About Head Safety
Head Safe Scouting
Scouts Canada has teamed up with Hydro One to launch our NEW Head Safe program. Scouting youth, their families and communities will explore engaging resources and discover how to prevent, identify and respond appropriately to head injuries.

To explore our Head Safe Trail Cards and to find out more about the Head Safe program—including a list of upcoming Head Safe events in communities across Ontario—check out the Head Safe website.
what3words App
Try This App — what3words
The what3words app helps you find, share and navigate to any precise location. While it’s far from traditional orienteering, finding one’s way in the world is a great Scouting skill—what3words is simply a new way of looking at world geography, and it just might become a much bigger deal in the near future.

The app gives every 3m x 3m of the world a unique 3-word address. It’s a simple and accurate way to talk about location anywhere—there’s no need for traditional coordinates, street addresses or postal codes.
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