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Troll Glen
Barter wisely. Purchase horses. Speedy travels.

Make a successful exchange—trade well, Scouts!

You’ve faced obstacles that have taken you off-track from the original route of your map. You need to purchase transportation to get back on route! The Troll Glen is nearby with plenty of horses to spare—but trolls are troublesome traders.

Whether it’s coin, skill, gift or more—they won’t let you borrow horses and pass through their Glen to continue your Quest for the Cosmo Crest, until you’ve made a creative trade.

The Challenge

Barter with the trolls to gain horses for travel, allowing you to continue your journey.


Put the art of negotiation into play while exchanging an item or service with the trolls.

Meeting Length: 20 mins

Troll Glen
Purple mountain background
Beavers and Cubs

Unlock one of the Forces of Nature to surmount this week’s challenge in the Troll Glen!


Lava Lamps: Trolls love to get their groove on. Harness the power of Fire to design captivating lava lamps that you may barter for horses.


Edible Uranium: is a precious commodity among trolls. Unlock this valuable Earth asset and trade it with the trolls for horses.


Cloud in a Jar: The trolls are having a hard time growing crops—the garden gets too much sun, scorching the plants before they have a chance to thrive. Conjure up a cloud to shade the Troll Glen’s vegetable patch in exchange for horses to travel on.


Better Bubbles: Predicting the value of an item or the trade market is an unbeatable skill — it would give the trolls an advantage in every barter! Create mystical, fortune-telling bubbles for the trolls in exchange for horses to continue your journey.

Purple mountain background
Scouts, Venturers and Rovers

Roll a die to unlock one of the Forces of Nature and surmount this week’s challenge in the Troll Glen!


Master Chef:The trolls have a sophisticated palate, and you know just the thing to trade! Using fire, make a meal that trolls would enjoy (they love crickets and grubs). Don’t forget to taste-test your cooking!


The Bears and the Bees: rolls are conflict-driven folks and have been locked in a battle of wills for years. They will give you horses to continue on your journey if you teach them the steps of conflict resolution.


Field Search: The trolls have agreed to give you the horses you need, but only if you find them first! Put your communication skills to the test and find the horses using a field search.


Build a Bridge: Recently, the bridge over the river has broken. Can you make the trolls a new one? Consider a bridge that your team can actually use, like a Da Vinci bridge or a rope bridge.

Purple mountain background
Weekly Quests
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Begin Your Quest
Week 2: Fairy Fortress
Resume Your Quest
Week 3: Troll Glen
Speedy travels
Week 4: Misty Marshlands
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