Our Impact

Building Safe Communities

In the 2018–19 Scouting Year, Scouts Canada and Hydro One partnered to offer a three-year safety program to positively impact Scouting members, their families and communities across Ontario. The first phase of the program is Head Safe, which focuses on awareness, prevention and return to play from head injuries.

  • Program materials were developed to support awareness, educating Scouters and youth on the importance of head safety. Over 600 Groups received Head Safe Trail Cards and Scouters’ Tips.
  • Five community events were planned for October and November 2019, taking place in Ottawa, Peterborough, Woodstock, Windsor and Thunder Bay.
  • Parent resources were developed and sent to over 34,000 Scouts Canada members to help spread awareness of concussions and return-to-play protocols.
  • In showcasing the importance of head safety during the spring pilot launch, media relations garnered 23 million impressions. The result has been heightened awareness not just of head safety, but of Scouts Canada as a relevant community builder.

Head Safe Media Coverage

Respect in Sport Training

Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Training

The Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders Training continues to help Scouters promote safety in all aspects of life by providing them with the tools needed to recognize and act when Scouting youth are faced with abuse, bullying, discrimination or harassment. With 4,618 Scouters certified this past year through Scouting Fundamentals training, Scouts Canada is in a position to improve child and youth safety nationwide.

Supporting Great Scouting Adventures with Quality Gear

Each year, the knowledgeable staff at Scout Shops across Canada supply Scouting members and the public with the gear, insight and confidence they need to embark on exciting adventures. The 2018–19 year saw 1,100 tents keep Scouts sheltered during overnight adventures, with 1,400 sleeping bags keeping Scouts warm. With Scout Shop proceeds going back into Scouting, choosing the Scout Shop for gear supports Scouts Canada as a whole.