Year in Review

Message from the National Key 3

Friends in Scouting,

2018–19 was a great year for Canadian Scouting.

Thousands of Sections continued to challenge and inspire youth to plan and participate in a wide variety of youth-led Scouting adventures. The introduction of The Canadian Path Navigator provided Scouters and youth with a tool to assess and improve the quality of their Section programs. The Woggle, featuring program-specific tips and tricks for Scouters, suggested new adventure opportunities while enhancing Scouter knowledge.

2018–2019 saw Canadian Scouts attend a number of local and international jamborees, including the 24th World Scout Jamboree co-hosted by Scouts Canada, Scouts de México and the Boy Scouts of America. Over 750 Canadian Scouts joined 45,000 youth and Scouters from over 150 countries to celebrate world-wide Scouting. Participants had an opportunity to enjoy adventures like ziplining and rock-climbing, and they were able to discover new cultures with daily celebrations of the global movement.

Building on consistent feedback from Groups across Canada, we began the process of implementing an enhanced Group Support Model to ensure that every Group receives the support they need. Thanks to support from the Clark family, we were able to pilot and then fully launch an orientation program for our Group Commissioners. To date, over 300 Group Commissioners have participated, learning skills and building strong networks that will support them as they seek to strengthen Scouting in their local communities. Each Group has been connected with a dedicated Relationship Manager who will support the Group in realizing its goals and aspirations. The Group Support Centre, an online hub providing Group Commissioners with a wide array of tools and resources, was also established.

Delivering Scouting to youth in over 1,400 Groups nationwide would not be possible without the dedication of our Scouters. At Scouts, we are committed to providing our Scouters with the skills and knowledge required to make an impact. 2018–2019 saw nearly 3,500 Scouters recognized for completing Wood Badge I and II. We also introduced the Scouter Competency Framework, providing volunteers with clear developmental goals and enabling them to progress their own learning in ways that work best for them.

This past year we were able to build safer communities and extend our culture of safety through the Head Safe program, developed in partnership with Hydro One. Head Safe strives to give young people and families access to resources and training opportunities to prevent and respond to head injuries. The program will provide youth, volunteers and families across Canada with essential educational tools.

Based on parents’ feedback, our online registration process was revisited. The new three-step Join process takes only ten minutes for new members to Scouts Canada, with returning members enjoying an automated renewal option. It is also easier for all youth to begin their adventures by integrating the No One Left Behind subsidy with the registration process.

All in all, 2018–2019 was a great year for Scouting. We look forward to building on these successes to fuel even more great Scouting adventures in 2019–20.

Yours in Scouting,

Annabelle Loder, National Youth Commissioner
Tim Welch, National Commissioner
Andrew Price, Executive Commissioner & CEO

Our Mission

Over the years, Scouts Canada has supported over 17 million Canadian youth as they reach their full potential. Scouting is the perfect place for kids to be kids, immersed in nature while developing leadership and critical thinking skills. Along the way, Scouts develop into capable, confident individuals, better prepared for success in the world.


To help develop well-rounded youth, better prepared for success in the world.


Canadian youth making a meaningful contribution to creating a better world.

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Financial Summary

Scouts Canada National Operation
Summary Statement of Financial Position
as at August 31, 2019

  2019 2018

Current Assets $12,135,590 $12,339,774
Investments 15,869,147 15,548,252
Tangible capital and intangible assets 647,304 1,091,566
Prepaid pension costs 3,459,300 6,666,100

  $32,111,341 $35,645,692

Current liabilities $11,185,279 $10,482,147
Deferred capital contributions 277,202
Employee future benefits 2,819,000 3,358,000
Fund balances 18,107,062 21,528,343

  $32,111,341 $35,645,692

Scouts Canada National Operation
Summary Statement of Operations and Changes in Fund Balances
For the year ended August 31, 2019

  Operating Fund Restricted &
2019 2018

Membership Fees $ 10,977,190 $ - $ 10,977,190 $ 10,615,769
Retail 4,033,500 - 4,033,500 4,254,299
Fundraising 4,505,577 1,014,224 5,519,801 4,361,198
World Scout Foundation donations - 60,786 60,786 34,057
Investment and other 2,043,717 350,105 2,393,822 2,304,477
Canadian Jamboree - - - 40,110
World Scout Jamboree 2,441,578 - 2,441,578 -

  24,001,562 1,425,115 25,426,677 21,609,910

Salaries and benefits 11,460,783 - 11,460,783 12,015,904
Recovery of salaries and benefits (1,738,870) - (1,738,870) (1,831,581)
Retail 2,826,123 - 2,826,123 2,766,783
Program services 159,258 - 159,258 186,971
Grants 119,921 - 119,921 125,530
Technology services 455,785 - 455,785 360,697
Financial services 923,937 37,610 961,547 770,643
Marketing and Communications 657,494 - 657,494 265,406
Fundraising 2,752,753 - 2,752,753 2,941,534
Administration 752,851 30,000 782,851 676,675
Compliance and governance 818,936 1,413,203 2,232,139 838,926
Human resources and volunteer services 254,005 445,288 699,293 376,289
Field operations 684,123 - 684,123 731,057
Field services 628,256 - 628,256 753,098
World Scout Jamboree 2,441,578 - 2,441,578 -
Other - 210,374 210,374 173,223

  23,196,933 2,136,475 25,333,408 21,151,155

Net revenue (expenses) before the undernoted 804,629 (711,360) 93,269 458,755
Unrealized gains (losses) on investments (414,797) (62,653) (477,450) 380,133

NET REVENUE (EXPENSES) 389,832 (774,013) (384,181) 838,888
FUND BALANCES - BEGINNING OF YEAR 10,641,852 10,886,491 21,528,343 17,949,255

  11,031,684 10,112,478 21,144,162 18,788,143
Interfund transfers (350,000) 350,000 - -
Remeasurements and other items related to employee future benefits (3,037,100) - (3,037,100) 2,740,200

FUND BALANCES - END OF YEAR $7,644,584 $10,462,478 $18,107,062 $21,528,343

See accompanying notes to summary financial statements

Kelly Huibers McNeely, Chartered Professional Accountants

Report of the Independent Auditor on the
Summary Financial Statements

To the Board of Governors of Scouts Canada National Operation

The accompanying summary financial statements of Scouts Canada National Operation, which comprise the summary statement of financial position as at August 31, 2019, and the summary statement of operations and changes in fund balances for the year then ended, and related notes, are derived from the audited financial statements prepared in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations, of Scouts Canada National Operation as at August 31, 2019, and for the year then ended.

We expressed an unmodified audit opinion on those financial statements in our report dated November 5, 2019.

The summary financial statements do not contain all the disclosures required by Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations applied in the preparation of the audited financial statements of Scouts Canada National Operation. Reading the summary financial statements, therefore, is not a substitute for reading the audited financial statements of Scouts Canada National Operation.

Management's Responsibility for the Summary Financial Statements

Management is responsible for the preparation of a summary of the audited financial statements on the basis described in Note 2.

Auditor's Responsibility

Our responsibility is to express an opinion on the summary financial statements based on our procedures, which were conducted in accordance with Canadian Auditing Standard (CAS) 810, Engagements to Report on Summary Financial Statements.


In our opinion, the summary financial statements derived from the audited financial statements of Scouts Canada National Operation as at August 31, 2019, and for the year then ended are a fair summary of those financial statements, in accordance with the basis described in Note 2.


Authorized to practise public accounting by
The Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario

Stittsville, Ontario
November 05, 2019

Kelly Huibers McNeely, Chartered Professional Accountants

August 31, 2019


Scouts Canada National Operation (the "National Operation") is a national organization operating programs aimed at contributing to the development of young people in achieving their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential as individuals, as responsible citizens and as members of their local, national and international communities through the application of Scouts Principles and Practices.

The National Operation is a registered charity and is responsible for the national activities of Scouts Canada and provides services to the Councils of the National Operation.


The summary financial statements are derived from the complete audited financial statements, prepared in accordance with Canadian accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations, as at August 31, 2019 and for the year then ended.

The preparation of these summary financial statements requires Management to determine the information that needs to be reflected in the summary financial statements so that they are consistent, in all material respects, with or represent a fair summary of the audited financial statements.

These summarized financial statements have been prepared by Management using the following criteria:

(a) whether information in the summary financial statements is in agreement with the related information in the complete audited financial statements; and

(b) whether, in all material respects, the summary financial statements contain the information necessary to avoid distorting or obscuring matters disclosed in the related complete audited financial statements, including the notes thereto.

Management determined that the statement of cash flows do not provide additional useful information and as such has not included it as part of the summary financial statements.

The complete audited financial statements of Scouts Canada National Operation are available upon request by contacting the Management of Scouts Canada National Operation.