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Scouts Canada’s online channels continue to thrive. Our membership remains remarkably engaged and owns the Scouts Canada brand through user-generated content portraying real-life adventures. Scouting youth of all ages, Scouters, parents and alumni shared their stories and captured Scouting activities to showcase how the program has positively impacted their lives.

Social Media

From coast to coast to coast, our Scouting community continually engages their peers by sharing adventures, stories of impact, moments to remember and more.

Social media continues to be an effective storytelling hub. #ScoutsDoStuff

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Social Media Impressions

Total Reach 11.6 Million

Total Impressions 19.6 Million

Twitter Impressions 1.2 Million

Facebook Impressions 16.3 Million

Instagram Impressions 2.1 Million


A new Scouts.ca showcases our vibrant community.

73% increase in page views since launch

43% new users since launch

Page Views: 4.2 Million

Users: 776,233

Sessions: 1.5 Million

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