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Great Adventures Start with Scout Popcorn

Groups and individual youth across Canada benefitted from funds raised through Scout Popcorn, powering more adventures and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Discover how Group activities were ‘Powered by Popcorn’ this year!

Powered by Popcorn

1st Leduc Scout Group has been participating in Scout Popcorn for five years. In 2018 the Group increased its sales by 153%, raising an incredible $21,505.

"They get so many benefits from Scout Popcorn. They get to see that if they put in hard work, there’s a lot of rewards at the end."
— Sommer King, Popcorn Coordinator
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23rd Nepean had a lot to celebrate after a hugely successful Scout Popcorn campaign in 2018. With a focus on Group engagement and incentives for youth, the Group raised $11,550 more than it did the year before.

"By putting physical numbers on what adventures they could go on, or what extra things they could do, the Scouters’ eyes opened up on what this Scout Popcorn campaign could do for the Group."
— Natalie Little, Fundraising Coordinator
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Powered by Popcorn

86th Woodcliff has been involved in Scout Popcorn for years, and in 2018 the Group celebrated a whopping 35% increase in funds raised! Thanks to their team effort, Scouting youth can enjoy even more adventures.

"We pride ourselves on offering significantly more than [youth] can get in any other sort of programming out there for kids, for almost no money at all."
— Jamie McIlroy, Group Commissioner
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Celebrating Canada’s Top 5 Fundraising Groups in 2018

Congratulations to the dedicated Groups that led these incredible Scout Popcorn campaigns! Scout Popcorn is not only about funding great adventures. Through selling Scout Popcorn, Scouting youth learn many valuable life and business skills such as marketing, strategy development and financial responsibility — all while developing positive self-esteem.

Group Council $ Sold
210th McKenzie Chinook Council $ 70,490
1st Sylvan Lake Northern Lights Council $ 63,920
169th Glen Allan Parents Association Northern Lights Council $ 62,735
1st Okotoks Chinook Council $ 57,475
1st St. Paul Northern Lights Council $ 53,130